Shotley Peninsula Cycling Campaign

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Contacts and Membership


Become a Member
Membership is open to individuals, households and organisations for an annual fee of £5 (£5.50 on line) and also now there is a new 5 year membership for the price of 4 years. The 5 year membership will cost £20 (£21 on line). This affords membership to all those living in the same household, with voting rights for those over 18. The online membership fee is slightly dearer as we need to cover bank charges for using this method, any residue from the bank charges will be considered as a donation.

Benefits of membership
Every new member adds strength and weight to the campaign by showing the level of support for the campaign in the community. The success of the campaign is partly dependent on demonstrating demand and support for the route.

Each new member is therefore much valued. We ask for members’ active support in recruiting new members and putting interested people in touch with the campaign.

Members will be kept informed of our progress electronically by a quarterly newsletter and 2 public meetings a year, including an AGM

How to apply
We are working to bring you new ways to apply or renew membership. There are now a number of ways to apply for membership.

1. Please download and complete the membership form (pdf) from this website and print and return it in the post with your £5 or £20 cheque to the treasurer.

We will send you confirmation and a copy of the most recent newsletter.

2. Please complete the membership form (html) from this website and send via the submit button. Then use the"Buy Now" 1 year or "Buy Now" 5 year button below to pay for your subscription entering your e-mail address and details where indicated. You can use your credit, debit card or paypal. Unfortunately we have to add an extra 50p for 1 year subscriptions and £1 for 5 year subscriptions for bank handling charges. i.e. £5.50 or £21 in total.

We will send you confirmation and a copy of the most recent newsletter.

3. We also now provide the ability to subscribe to the campaign on an annual recurring basis. By using the subscription button the annual membership fee (£5.50) will be taken from your debit or credit card on an annual basis (this is similar to a Direct Debit).You may of course unsubscribe at any time by using the unsubscribe button or contacting the Treasurer. Please use either of the membership forms below and add a note indicating continous subscription.

If there are any issues with the on line form please save the form to your computer and send it to the treasurer at the e-mail address below.

Alternatively, if none of these are possible or if you wish to pay by bank transfer or standing order please contact a committee member for information.

There is also the opportunity to provide a donation to the campaign via the "Donate" button below. If you woud like to provide a donation and membership subscription, then please combine the amount and just use the "Donate" button.


Members name and email address
1 year subscription £5.50
Members name and email address
5 years subscription £21



Complete the membership form here:

Membership Form (pdf)


Membership Form (html)



Officers and contact details

Chairman Mike Crouch 
Vice-chairman  Rosie Kirkup
Secretary Cathy Crouch 
Membership Jane Goyder
Treasurer Sally Williams
Web Site (updates or issues) Tony Gould


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